Ill When It's Like This (Single)

by Windmills

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From the upcoming 2016 album Stay Golden.
This version is unmastered and all proceeds are going toward finishing the new record, tentatively scheduled for a mid to late Summer release


released May 10, 2016

Produced & arranged by Rex Rey
Cuts & Raps by Framework

Single artwork by Rex Rey



all rights reserved


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Windmills Los Angeles, California

Windmills is an alternative hip-hop duo based in Los Angeles, CA. comprised of Vermont emcee and DJ, Framework (The Loyalists), & LA producer, multi-instrumentalist, Rex Rey. Formed in 2010, their debut album, As Above, So Below released a year later, with now over 10,000 downloads. In 2014 Windmills return with Broken Record, their most focused and dynamic album, yet. ... more

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Track Name: Ill When It's Like This
Verse #1
I’m at it again with a fat ass grin,
And I went from army jackets to sunglasses
While I’m on this microphone, I accelerate like a cheetah
That'll grab a hold inside of your skull like drinking tequila;
As if you saw me standing on their head with all my weight upon
Their cranium as if it was an alien I’m taking on.
As we succeed to give you something to believe in,
Like buying new speakers for my emcee achievements,
They’re gonna love it when you're picking up their pieces
Relieved that they were blown as if we're running out of reasons.
An independent artist that is putting on a clinic
Who can put ’em in a coffin like you're jumping on a civic
With so much energy in everything I’ve ever written
That I’m true to what it’s like to see a man that’s on a mission
When tracks get produced by Rex Rey and I’m the emcee,
You need to brace yourself as if you wanted straight teeth.

Verse #2
Aren’t we so amazing, enormous and major important?
Can’t take anymore of this making a fortune!
As I think of what’s like to make a million dollar living,
Saying that’ll be the day like Buddy Holly and the Crickets.
While I’ve had to live and learn this music industry is sinister,
With ideas worse than skin heads who burn literature,
People who love to be above you like your miniature
And can’t wait to show you how they're oil and you're vinegar.
Sometimes you’re gonna lose and you might come across it,
When it becomes a life that none of us has ever wanted
And you wonder why these kids aren’t any good at taking losses,
Cause even when they suck we’re still telling them they're awesome.
So if you even know what digging in the crates means,
Then we can dig it like a crate full of break beats,
And uncover the way that a blood sucker
Will eat at your brain bucket while making the most of it.

I observe the concern of person when urgent,
To burn through their mind like they're searching for purpose;
To flip me the bird, while I’m kicking these verses
With words that emerge like a surgeon with nurses.
Breaking their focus as if they're explosive
to dance on the floor when it’s swarming with roaches.
I’ll play you a song. When I’m done and I’ve spoken
I’m traveling on, like a carriage with horses.

Verse #3
I’m squeezing lemons for my words to paint an image;
With a shoestring budget and I’m loving every minute.
Going over their head as somebody calling the medic
to let them know that my flow is incredible and poetic, huh!
A young gun that was having too much fun came
To make a name. Look how I did it and then some.
Not paying attention is really expensive.
It may cost you everything as if we're going against us.
More than a little, I’ve been in the middle of
Being in it, there, wait a minute! Listen to what he does.
Getting better and better and more inventive than ever
To put a sentence together like you're wishing we had enough. I’m
Driven as big as if you're living in crisis,
Flow committed to winning and can deal with how life is.
And I have the feeling that you want it ill when it’s like this,
Writing lyrics appearing on chrome medal devices.
Under your skin, I’m on a mission to flip fast.
Where to begin? I got it covered like gift wrap.
When I go in, it’s as though I’m thinking beyond fast,
Through complex rhythms with a pen and a notepad.