True Natural (Single)

by Windmills

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From the upcoming 2017 album Stay Golden.
This version is unmastered and all proceeds are going toward finishing the new record, now scheduled for a June/July 2017 release.


released April 5, 2016

Produced and arranged by Rex Rey
Cuts & Vocals by Framework

Photo Credit: Micky Jansen;
Art Design: Carson-Drew-It, Rex Rey



all rights reserved


Windmills Los Angeles, California

Windmills is an alternative hip-hop duo based in Los Angeles, CA. comprised of Vermont emcee and DJ, Framework (The Loyalists), & LA producer, multi-instrumentalist, Rex Rey. Formed in 2010, their debut album, As Above, So Below released a year later, with now over 10,000 downloads. In 2014 Windmills return with Broken Record, their most focused and dynamic album, yet. ... more

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Track Name: True Natural
Verse #1
This movement of music for you is improving,
how soon we forget what I do at events;
ruin the mood of the room and they’re losing
as bullets of sweat drip down from their neck.
Cause they’ve screwed the consumer, making them foolish
to choose what they did and it lost their respect.
While I find it amusing as if their assuming
my rhymes aren’t the kind that are live and direct.
Throw away any image of pushing me to the limit,
I’m motivated and driven with unbelievable rhythm
to blow your brain with a written, so creative and vivid
even if I keep it short as a conversation in prison.
It’s vital that I know, ways to remind those
why I’m designed for the stage with a rhyme flow.
I’m insightful and hit some rough patches
into more fans who rush the stage at us.

Verse #2
Rather chew glass then see us with a brand new track;
then do that, and chew it like you can’t stand rap, for the
word lovers, showing my true colors,
shaking the earth under your feet when I burn rubber.
A true natural who can grab the room,
move the whole crowd and do what he has to do;
that’ll scratch a few records in the afternoon,
I’m giving the whole culture new attitude.
As something the crowd needs and no one can touch me
I’ve driven the country as heavy as concrete, with the
cops thinking that I’m breaking the law
for the way that I walk through the day to enjoy.
Wanna stop me and ask if they’ve already saw me before
when they put me in the back of their car,
as if I’m running from the law cause they want war,
trying to put me on the floor like a trap door.

Verse #3
Frame and Rex Rey, we’re making it sound great.
Discovered and found ways to spread like an outbreak;
while others are getting pissy as a worn out mattress
inside a house that smells of old cabbage.
Sucking wind as if a woman who’s fat slob
with corns on her toes that you could light match on.
Food shopping and it’s random as a flash mob
walking into stores to see if they can get reactions;
Like a kid who goes to school about to blast off
cause they don’t wanna trash talk with a glass jaw.
Another bullet screaming, "this is what you asked for!"
taking a shot as if they caught it off the backboard.